At Lemon Tree, we are passionate about encouraging children to develop a love of reading. 


Our books are designed for parents and children to read together, as we believe there is no better way to get a truly heartfelt bond, than sitting together and reading together every day.


And personalised books take it a step further by allowing the child to really feel part of the story.  


We've been growing our range of personalised books since 2011. We started with just 3 titles in our 'craft' pack format and have now developed our library to 9 titles, available as personalised books, everyday books, craft packs and an app developed for iPad, where you can personalise each story again and again, as well as record your voice reading with your child.


With our new range of 'everyday experience' books to add another 6 titles to our library very soon, we're excited about the possibilities.

Neisha loves her personalised book

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